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California Outdoor Kitchens

The Installation Crew Arrives
Optimized Process

It is our standard operating procedure to set installation appointments between 9:00 -11:00 or between 1:00 - 3:00 if we are combining two smaller installations that day. The installation crew will text the contact number with a more precise arrival time prior to the appointment.

The installation crew will cone off their truck and work area upon arrival.

They will photograph any existing damage before beginning the install. They look for damage to the cabinets, floors, trim, sink, and anything else that they might be attributed to the installer or installation process.

Clear the Countertops

The countertop area should be free of debris, tools, food, appliances and the like.

Protect the Floors
Flexible Utilization

The crew will put tarps on the floor to offer some floor protection.   Any additional floor protection like ram board must be provided by others.

It's Heavy
Flexible Utilization

The stone is heavy, large and difficult to handle. As a result,

The crew does not remove shoes or wear booties.

Appliance in Place
Optimized Process

The DCD install crew will not move a range or fridge or dishwasher into place. it is best to have the appliance in place for the countertop installation so we can bring the countertops tight to the sides.

Dry Fit
Smooth Transition

 The install crew will dry fit the countertops. The crew is looking for any adjustments that need to be made on site. It is not unusual for some grinding or cutting to be done onsite to insure the best possible fit.

Any cutting, grinding or drilling done inside the house will create dust. The installation crew will make a reasonable effort to minimize dust by vacuuming the dust as it is created.