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California Outdoor Kitchens

How long is the fabrication process?
The fabrication process (template to install) takes 10 business days, assuming there are no delays in acquisition of material and no change orders.

Does plywood need to be installed BEFORE the template?
Yes, the plywood sub top must be installed BEFORE we can complete a template.

Why does the sink need to be dropped into the plywood BEFORE the template?
Dropping the sink (especially cast iron or farm) in its permanent location allows all unforeseen issues and complications to be addressed and resolved beforehand - avoiding delays and additional trip charges. Examples of possible issues include: damaged sinks still in the box, plumbing obstructions (i.e.: pipes, hinges, sponge holder), and / or not enough room for the faucet, especially if there is a window sill, or handles jeopardizing adequate room for a backsplash.

Why must the cabinets be level?
We have industry standards that we try to surpass regarding the levelness and seams. We have limited wiggle room to correct for out-of-level cabinets. In addition to industry standards, we also have manufacturer mandates to adhere to for warranty and certification purposes.

Does someone need to be present during the template?
Yes, the homeowner, contractor or any other individual familiar with the job specifications needs to be present during the template to receive AND sign off on the "detail sheet" - confirming ALL the details of the job are correct and authorizing fabrication to begin.

How do I place the electrical outlet cover back on after install?
Please refer to the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to install electrical outlet covers back on after install.